Are you a University or public entity that does research in logistics?

We know it is very hard for you to

  1. Pay for those expensive system that are on the market and
  2. Actually play around with these systems to test researchers' theses
  3. Maintain a physical warehouse to test your system (how about a virtual one?)

We think this is wrong on so many levels and want to change it:

PULPO WMS is developed very modular so you can play around in awesome ways, let me give you some ideas:

Feel like running around in your warehouse in Virtual Reality?

Do it! (any warehouse that is built automatically, generates a virtual warehouse and even inserts the products you have. It currently works with the Samsung Oculus VR and a bluetooth controller).

Feel like running some optimization or prediction algorithms?

Do it!

Feel like making optimizations for the storage of products based on historic data?

Do it!

Feel like optimizing the warehouse layout and have your students compete for the most efficient one?

Do it!

Feel like playing around with other devices like Google Glass (we actually have some) and develop a little bit of augmented reality?

Do it!

Feel like hugging us?

Slow down there... Contact us here. We want to make PULPO WMS available FOR FREE to research entities, and would love to hear your story.