For what industries and sectors does PULPO WMS work?

  • We are pretty confident that PULPO WMS covers all the processes you need in your warehouse and we serve clients in all kinds of sectors and industries. Hit us up and see if PULPO WMS is right for you.

What size of warehouse is the best fit for PULPO WMS?

  • PULPO WMS is programmed in a way that allows it to scale with your needs. Not many clients have more than 10.000 SKUs (individual products) but we are happy if you could be our first client with 100,000. In any case, PULPO WMS won't let you down. If you have 2 SKUs, you might actually be doing fine with that Excel thing.

How long does it take to implement PULPO WMS in our inventory?

  • PULPO can be implemented into your warehouse in around 1-2 weeks with a decent preparation from your side (e.g. product barcodes available and Wireless Internet connection in your warehouse). The usage is so easy that we are confident your staff won’t need more than a couple of days to learn how it works.

What IT Infrastructure and devices do I need to implement PULPO WMS?

  • PULPO WMS currently needs Android devices for your warehouse staff and a computer with a Chrome-Browser for your warehouse supervisor. We recommend additionally buying this fancy Ring-Barcode Scanner and Smartphone terminal, simply because it will make your employees look even cooler and ensure that both of their hands are free.

Does PULPO have API available so I can connect my ERP?

  • Yes, PULPO has an API to which you (or we, if you want) can connect the systems that you want PULPO WMS to communicate with. Our API can for example receive purchase orders from your ERP or make sure all your online sales channels (or clients for that matter) know exactly how many products are available.

What if I don't like PULPO WMS, can I get my money back?

  • Sure, no problem. We will refund any monthly fees that occured in the first three months of using PULPO WMS.

Which features does PULPO WMS contain?

  • Uh, so many! Besides from managing all your warehouse processes like reception, warehousing, picking, packing, dispatch and replenishment, PULPO also has very smart reports for your management. It is probably the easiest if you contact us so we can show you!

Do you offer help implementing PULPO WMS?

My data is very valuable, how do you make sure it is safe?

  • PULPO WMS keeps your data encrypted on our AWS servers. When we communicate with the devices in your company, the information is always sent so that it cannot be read by third parties. Our servers also keep security backups which ensures that your data will not get lost. Feel free to contact us for more details.

What can I expect after I have implemented PULPO WMS?

  • Your employees should be about twice as fast as they were before without a WMS and your error rate in our experience will drop by 99% (there is always this one creative guy on friday evenings that just won’t let us have the 100%). Also you should be able to detect trends in your product rotation and slowly but surely work with an efficiency that formerly only huge companies could achieve.

What if I grow and my warehouse changes, how can PULPO WMS adapt?

  • This is something we expect for all of our clients. Since PULPO WMS will make you save a lot of money, you can use this to grow and expand your business. Adapting your warehouse to your needs, is task your staff can easily do in a couple of hours. We don't leave you hanging. Of course, if you should have any questions on how to add those 10 new shelves or a new warehouse, we are there to help.