With PULPO WMS we pride ourselves with offering a great Warehouse Management System that is accessible to all sizes of companies.

The first step to get started with PULPO WMS is the implementation in your company. This can take more or less time, depending on the IT systems that need to be connected with PULPO WMS, so only after you tell us a little bit about your company and processes, we can estimate those costs and timeframe. We always strive to be able to implement PULPO within 1 months of signature of the contract.

After that we charge a transparent user/month fee that includes the server and support costs. This makes Pulpo especially attractive also for smaller and mid-sized companies. For companies with more than 25 working inside the warehouse, we offer discounts over the monthly fee.

If you should come to us with a quote from a competitor that would be lower than our prices, at a similar functionality, we will be impressed and give you PULPO WMS for half a year for free!

Simply CONTACT US and let us show you a demo of PULPO WMS.