A warehouse management system helps you automatize and track all the processes inside your warehouse(s).

It can also monitor your performance, costs and help you optimize your product inventory

Benefits you can expect

Studies as well as our experience show a reduction of at least 50% of warehouse management costs due to faster processes (factor 2x-3x), drastic reduction of errors (around 99%) and an improved inventory management (optimized storage of products).

Process inside a WMS

Wether you receive products from suppliers or produce them yourself, at this point you need to store the products in your warehouse. Incoming goods allows you to check and verify the products that you ordered, or enter the amount of produced products that you want to store. Approved products will then go through the next step:

PULPO WMS can receive all info from your ERP to makes this process as quick as possible. Products that you don't accept because of quality issues or wrong SKU get stored into a “Rejected Goods” area where an alarm is automatically sent to the supervisor, to take the appropriate action.

Once your products are approved for warehousing, someone has to come pick them up, and store them in the appropriate place. Here it starts to get complex because some products need special treatment (like cooling) or a forklift to be moved. Whatever the case, PULPO WMS automatically sends out the right person and ensures that the products are stored exactly where they should be.

And it is here the magic starts: PULPO WMS knows your products and employees. Because when you implement it, you are asked to give us some details about them. Based on that information, PULPO will send the right guy for the specific product, to the optimal warehouse position. PULPO also learns over time, and magically optimizes your Warehouse by choosing the perfect Warehouse position.

The core process in a warehouse: Picking of sales orders. It is here your warehouse staff spends most of its time and also your money (avg. 50%). A WMS should be able to optimize routes, split up orders into multiple picking tasks, speed up the order fulfillments, or even allow multiple sales orders be merged into one picking. Not to mention the various rules that can apply, concerning special pickers for certain areas or products. All this, and more, should be done or supported by your WMS so you can cut down your costs while the head of logistics knows exactly whats going on.

Since PULPO WMS knows the exact location of your products, who can pick what products, and which sales orders have priority, it will make sure that your warehouse efficiency will reach levels, you never imagined possible. Oh yeah, and picking errors will also become a thing of the past with PULPO WMS.

In the packing process all products are again controlled and aggregated for shipment. Depending on your needs, a WMS should allow you to define the detail of control, which can go from scanning every product individually to just an aggregated confirmation of what is to be shipped to your client.

With the devices your workers use in PULPO WMS to pack everything together, you will see how fast this process can become. They can use both of their hands with all information “on hand” and PULPO WMS also lets them print out labels for the closed boxes on any printer connected in your network, making this last step before the shipment as quick as possible.

Usually you have some areas in the back of your warehouse where you store big volumes of products. To optimize your picking times, some these products should also be available closer to your picking tables, as it that saves you time and allows for individual orders to be processed more effectively. These “picking locations” need to be filled again, either at the end of the day or based on the available stock, which PULPO WMS will help you achieve.

The replenishment of products, is a process in which PULPO WMS can help you gain a lot of efficiency in your warehouse. The right distribution of individual products, closeby and large volumes in the back, really can make the difference from just a good management to a great management of your warehouse. PULPO WMS makes this advanced process incredibly easy to implement, so that you don't have to rely on your staff keeping all those complex rules in their head

When all of your clients' products are neatly put into their shipping boxes, your WMS should either tell you, or allow you, to move those boxes to the defined position, where your truck driver will quickly find it and load it. Some companies have dedicated areas, some just have an orange cone. Your WMS should be able to adapt to however you do it, enabling you to do changes while you grow

We have seen many different possibilites of handling these processes, and PULPO WMS was built to work with them all. If not, we will first of all be impressed by your creativity and secondly swiftly develop a solution for you, if you want to be our client.